All of our features

Here are the many reasons why Proper Proposals is the best solution for sales teams.

Proposal options
  • Custom URLs
  • Easily create in-content image galleries
  • Built-in image carousels
  • Create default proposal templates and deploy with our one-click tool
  • Clients can digitally sign proposals from anywhere on any device
  • Create and save clients and apply them to multiple proposals
  • Categorise proposals to make them easier to find
  • Filter signed and unsigned proposals
  • Create and assign proposal authors
  • Date each proposal
  • Password protect proposals for an extra layer of security
  • See if your proposal has been opened
Email settings
  • Payment request
  • Initial proposal
  • Updated proposal
  • Signable proposal
  • Payment request
  • Payment thank you
  • Email alerts when an email link is opened
  • Automated reminders for unopened proposals
  • Turn reminders on and off
  • Editable email templates
  • Add as many payment steps as required
  • Support for a wide range of currencies
  • Enable or disable payment pages
  • Enter bank wire transfer details
  • Set-up Test or Live Stripe payment modes
  • Set-up Test or Live PayPal payment modes
  • Add payment URLs
  • Add and name as many payment steps as required
  • Set payment options as Upcoming, Due, Processing, and Completed
  • Attach Invoices to payment steps
  • Enable or disable VAT on payments
  • Xero Integration (Coming Soon!)
Page templates
  • Support for your basic pages such as terms and conditions
  • Basic shortcodes to enhance your pages
PDF options
  • View and send signed and unsigned versions of your proposals as PDFs
System options
  • Default settings such as background images and proposal call to action
  • Link to your terms and conditions
  • Edit the footer and 404 page of the system
System support
  • Knowledgebase for all those unanswered questions
  • Live chat
  • Technical set-up. We’ll brand and deploy your Proposals system, so you don’t have to bother with setting it up yourself
System management
  • Update your system using our built-in system updater and get the latest features for no extra cost
System specs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
  • Mobile Optimised
  • SSL Certificate
  • CDN
  • Hosting
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